Workshops - W2405: Steve Rose – Channelling Matisse

11 May 09:30 AM
Until 11 May, 04:30 PM 7h

W2405: Steve Rose - Channelling Matisse


Please join us for an exciting day in the studio exploring French Master Henri Matisse — painter, sculptor, collage and print maker — and his ongoing influence on generations of artists and their work.

The day will begin with a brief history and overview of his artistic contribution — focusing on interiors, still life, landscape and the figure (and examining his use of "synthetic contour" in particular). Please research some of his work, and bring photographs, sketches, or works in progress that might be a good fit to work from. We will start the studio activity with a common exercise, and quickly move on to individual creative exploration.

Here are some starting points for your explorations of Matisse's work:

Because Matisse worked so much with pattern and colour, a good place to begin our exploration is with collage materials. (Optional)

Start a box a couple of weeks before the workshop, and toss in anything that appeals to you that you may want to have on hand or in the car for use in the workshop. It is always better to be over prepared and/or willing to share. Save receipts for anything you purchase so you can return it if not used.

Some suggestions —
* Japanese rice paper, wall paper, or your own painted papers
* textiles with plant or geometric motif
* flower or still life images
* interiors, vacation photos, and/or nostalgic family photos would all be great reference material to work from for the workshop.

Also bring (NOTE: this is the minimum required for the day):
* your choice of acrylic paints with palette, brushes, etc.
* a minimum of 3 supports. Any size is fine, but why not be ambitious? (Canvas, panel, paper, Mylar... etc. It's up to you.)
* some drawing implements (pencil, charcoal, conte, acrylic markers...etc.)
* mixed media choices for collage (optional)
* heavy body acrylic gel or glue sticks for adhesive

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