Workshops - W2315: S. Taylor – More Fun with Flowers

15 Dec 09:00 AM
Until 15 Dec, 05:00 PM 8h

W2315: S. Taylor - More Fun with Flowers

Multi-media — a full-day workshop.

Back by popular demand after her successful half-day workshop in November!
Shannon Michèle Taylor is a visual artist based in Peterborough Ontario. In her studio you might find her drawing, painting or experimenting with photography and video. She is also a mural painter. You can find her work online at or on Instagram @shannonmicheletaylor.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn a process that involves both drawing and painting. We will focus on flowers for this class as they are bright and lively and give us a fun range of colours and shapes, but the process can be applied to any subject matter. We will cover the basics of line drawing, and a bit of colour theory, but the most important thing is to get started and learn by doing! Shannon will bring flowers to work from.

This class is open to all levels.

$130 non-members

– BOARD or wood to paint on ( canvas is ok if it’s all you have) but I prefer a hard surface.
12”x 12” or something medium sized, 11”x14” or even 8”x10” there is a bit of leeway here.

– Large sheets of paper for preliminary drawings

– ACRYLIC PAINT in primary colours ( red, blue and yellow) and white.
Bring whatever hues of red blue and yellow you prefer. You are of course not limited to these.
Oil can be used for final layer of paint but acrylic is best for the base layer.

NOTE: In this class we will be drawing onto a painted surface and then painting over that, so acrylic paint is ideal for the first layer, as it will dry fast. Oils will likely work for the final layer.. If you really want to use oils exclusively you will need to prepare your surface in advance by painting it entirely a deep warm colour such as red orange or warm yellow and bringing it dry to class.

– one soft, dark pencil crayon, pencil or fine tipped black marker.

NOTE: I tend to use acid free black pens and markers which can be bought at Victory Art Supply, they have great pencil crayons as well. NOTE: Please avoid charcoal as it is too soft.

– one larger brush for the background and a selection of small brushes.
The majority of the painting work involves small brushes.


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