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Item List

Andrew Hamilton, Abstract & Multi-Media (6 weeks)

Discovering your personal style through creative play

Andrew Hamilton, How to Paint like the Group of Seven (6 weeks)

Part 2 — Open to both students continuing from Fall 2022 and new students

Andrew Hamilton, Studio 1 — A Master Class (6 weeks)

Building your Portfolio

Anne Hoover, Figurative Abstraction (5 weeks)

Exploring the relationship between abstraction and representation with live models.

Jane Hall, Impressionist Landscapes (4 weeks)

For Beginner and Intermediate Painters

Janet Lutz, Composition and Design (8 weeks)

Judith Mason, Deepening Your Art Practice (6 weeks)

Drawing inspiration from the work of internationally renowned artists

Lucy Manley, Landscape Painting (4 weeks)

Advanced Painters Only

WWLD? — What Would Lucy Do? (4 weeks)

Advanced Painters Only

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