Test Page Janet

This private Test Page was created as a place for Studio 201’s site managers to safely practice using the WordPress editing tools and test things out before publishing live content.

Private pages are only visible by people who are logged in to the secure WordPress administrative dashboard.

This is some text that was added using the Classic Block.

Block Visibility (showing/hiding content based on ‘start’ and ‘end’ dates):
This paragraph can be shown or hidden based on START and END dates using the “Visibility” block setting. If you select this paragraph then click “Visibility” in the right sidebar (make sure Block is selected at the top) you’ll see a list of conditions for showing / hiding content. The most common is Date & Time. Select Date & Time and edit the FROM and TO fields (OR you can use the Time of Day or Day of the Week options – the clock & calendar icons).

tomorrow will be a good day

The quick brown fox

This is a Sample Subheading

This is a sample grid – nested inside a container. Grids are useful for displaying content in columns on large screens.

This particular grid consists of 2 columns; each 50% wide – with an image on the right.

On mobile screens, grids occupy 100% of the available width and the grids are stacked vertically. That’s because mobile screens are usually too narrow to accommodate more than one column of content.

Studio 201: Outdoor Painting

A horizontal separator block has been added above. These are handy for separating blocks of content. Below is sample list:

  • this is a bulleted list item
    • this is an indented list item
  • and another list item

It’s also possible to add numbered list items:

  1. Like this
  2. And this

Feel free to play around with this page. If you run into trouble, try using the left-pointing UNDO arrow at the top. If you’re really stuck, you can email Pat at for assistance.