Sunflower Festival
for Ukrainian Relief

Saturday August 20, 2022
9 am – 3 pm
Peterborough Square

STUDIO 201 is organizing this event, but it is not ours. We are soliciting donations of artwork from the artists across the south central Ontario region for a fundraiser on behalf of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to be held on Saturday August 20, 2022  All proceeds will go to GlobalGiving Crisis Relief Fund.

A call to the artistic community!

The theme of this event is the SUNFLOWER — the national symbol of Ukraine and a powerful representation of the endurance, the optimism and the hope of the Ukrainian People. 

We are looking to artists from the multiple disciplines that their creativity embraces — visual arts, artisan, craft, musical, and  performance art — to offer gifts from their hands and minds to contribute to the relief efforts. The artistic work donated may take any form.  Artists might wish to consider the sunflower, Ukrainian national colours of yellow and blue, or representations of loss, hope, community, compassion, memory, promise, gratitude or joy. There is no optimum size (aside from the fact that the venue is indoors), medium, or value.

The event will take place on a market day on the lower level of Peterborough Square (340 George Street). The "show" will be set up in the atrium near the George/Simcoe St entry. 

Collection of donations

Preregistration of the artist’s intent to donate is requested. This can be sent to janet.lutz@lutzarch.com anytime prior to the event. 

Please include for each item

  • a description

  • indication of the size

  • suggested price/donation amount

All submissions should be clearly labelled with

  • the artist's name

  • a suggested price/donation amount (see "The sale" below)

  • contact information (email, phone, and address) so that work not “purchased on the day" can be returned

Drop off locations will be announced at a date closer to the event, and artists will be notified. If you anticipate being away in the week preceding the event and cannot deliver the work then, items will be received earlier.

Contact janet.lutz@lutzarch.com with any questions.

The sale

We will be tagging physical pieces of work with a recommended donation tag. 

Artists will designate the pricing category when making their donations. 

Recommended donation amounts: 

  • $5

  • $10 increments up to $100 ($10, $20, $30, ...) 

  • Another price set by the artist

  • Musicians and performance artists would donate what they receive on the day.

We optimistically expect that some purchasers will offer donations in excess of the amounts suggested on the tags!

Other ways to help

Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas — both before, during, and after the event! Help would be most welcome and membership in STUDIO 201 or any other organization is not required. 

To volunteer or make a donation,

contact janet.lutz@lutzarch.com