Courses - C240527B – Let’s Paint Peterborough!

C240527B - Let's Paint Peterborough!
Course (part of a series)
10 Jun 01:30 PM event_repeat
Until 10 Jun, 04:30 PM 3h

C240527B - Let's Paint Peterborough!

Internationally known workshop instructor Andrew Hamilton will teach the basics of "plein air" painting and offer guided study. All levels of experience are welcome.

Each class will commence at Studio 201 and proceed to the painting site from there. Classes will be held at the studio during Inclement weather. Sites will be chosen in Peterborough and nearby areas, close to the city.

Preferred materials are acrylic and oil, but others are welcome.

SUPPLIES should include

- Paints or other media

- Brushes or other applicators

- Water, etc. for painting

- Substrate: canvas, board, etc.

- Drawing materials if desired

- Baby wipes

- Cleaning cloths

- Easel

- Folding chair and table

- Camera, iPhone, or iPad



- Water or other beverage for drinking purposes

- Insect repellent

- Sunscreen

- Hat

- Dress in layers

- Have an umbrella nearby

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